Music is one of the most permeating and transformative forces in the universe, merging us with our energetic nature and guiding us towards an experiential understanding of our multidimensional selves. All art forms are essential and mostly amazing, but the transcendental power of music has always blown me open in wonder like no other. With seemingly magical powers to penetrate and awaken, it picked me up and whisked me out on the wind and right into myself, eventually softening any and every edge that I found. It was music that gave me the courage to heal, and music that gave me my voice and showed me my true power. It has become my best friend and now with the opportunity to give that back, I feel so blessed and full of gratitude that I can be a part of that great responsibility. Success for me now is measured by the hearts that open and the lives that are touched every time I take the risk to say yes to myself and my gifts. There is no separation between my spirituality and my music, it is one language representing the deep truth of the path of the heart. I can’t help but see the true beauty in you, and all I want is for you to see it too.